Foundational Skills in the Service Sector

Service Workers with Limited Foundational Skills: What New DataTells Us & How Employers and Policymakers Can Respond

Fact Sheet: Upskill U.S. Workers to Support Economic Growth

Skills for Good Jobs Agenda

An Agenda for the Next President

Adult Education and Middle-Skill Jobs Fact Sheet

New fact sheet highlights the critical role of adult education in helping workers prepare for middle-skill jobs. Such jobs require more than a high school education, but not a four-year degree.

Adult Educators and Local WIOA Planning Fact Sheet

Local planning for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is underway, and adult educators should weigh in. That’s the message of a new fact sheet from National Skills Coalition.

Middle-Skill Credentials and Immigrant Workers: California’s Untapped Assets

Middle-Skill Credentials and Immigrant Workers: Arizona’s Untapped Assets

Upskilling the New American Workforce

NSC 2016 Federal Legislative Agenda

Fact Sheet: Why Congress should invest in adult basic education

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Analysis

Federal Budget Analysis and Workforce Development Policy in 2016

National Skills Coalition Comments on Apprenticeship Programs; Equal Employment Opportunity Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRMs)

WIOA Implementation: What Adult Education Practitioners Need to Know

NSC presented this webinar on 9/15/15 in partnership with the Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE).

Aligned by Design: WIOA & Adult Education

This fact sheet highlights opportunities for Title II adult education services to function in collaboration with Title I workforce services through WIOA.

WIOA & Adult Education: A webinar for the Literacy Funders Network

National Skills Coalition discusses the implications and opportunities for adult literacy, literacy providers, and low-literate individuals in the new Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Unpacking Proposed WIOA Regulations

On April 22, National Skills Coalition hosted a webinar covering key provisions in the WIOA NPRMs; NSC staff discussed how the regulations address sector partnerships, career pathways, cross-program data and measurement, and job-driven investment.

Foundational Skills Fact Sheet

36 million US adults — including 24 million currently in the workforce — lack the foundational literacy and numeracy skills to enter middle-skill training and obtain well-paying jobs.

Analysis of White House National Job-Driven Action Plan

NSC releases analysis of the White House’s job-driven training action plan following Vice President Biden’s review of federal job-training programs.

NSC Response to U.S. Department of Education Request for Information

Building Pathways to Employment in America's Cities through Integrated Workforce and Community Development

This report explores ways that federal policy can better support cities’ efforts to integrate human and physical capital investments, particularly in the areas of public housing and transit oriented development.

Issue Brief: Education and Training and Unemployment Insurance

This report explores why Congress should reject a minimum education requirement for unemployment insurance benefits.

Workforce Investment Act Title I and II Recommendations

National Skills Coalitions policy recommendations for reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act.

Workforce Investment Act Title II Overview, Training Policy in Brief

This section of the Training Policy in Brief provides an overview and policy recommendations for the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) under Title II of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998.

Career Pathways Recommendations

Provides recommendations to expand access to workforce education and training for all workers by better aligning adult basic education, job training and higher education systems to create pathways to postsecondary educational credentials.