NSC urges department of agriculture to reject proposed restrictions on SNAP recipients, focus on skills instead

Focus on skill building, not work requirements

White House budget promotes some workforce priorities, but includes drastic cuts to key programs

USDA releases broad farm bill reauthorization principles; touts work for SNAP recipients

Administration issues letter encouraging Medicaid work requirements

National Skills Coalition releases SNAP E&T reauthorization recommendations

Seattle Jobs Initiative releases guide for SNAP E&T advocates

PCC is leading state project that gets low-income people the job training they need

Trump FY 2018 Budget Slashes Funding for Key Workforce, Education, Human Services Programs

NSC submits comments on SNAP E&T reporting requirements

Building meaningful SNAP E&T programs: A Q&A with Sara Muempfer

NSC Releases Recommendations on Building Skills through SNAP E&T

Rule creates national SNAP E&T metrics

10 states to participate in “SNAP to Skills” technical assistance project

Maryland expands food stamp program after lost federal money

Article in The Baltimore Sun on SNAP cites Senior Policy Analyst Brooke DeRenzis.

U.S. Department of Agriculture encourages states to make SNAP E&T programs job-driven

NSC talks skills policies with state legislators

National Skills Coalition hosts annual state workforce advocates meeting

On September 24-25, workforce advocates from 12 states and national partners gathered in Columbus, Ohio for a meeting hosted by NSC. Participants discussed policy solutions to address a variety of issues facing workers and employers back in their states.

NSC and Seattle Jobs Initiative announce SNAP E&T projects in four states

National Skills Coalition and Seattle Jobs Initiative have selected four states to receive technical assistance with their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) programs.

Aligned by design: New WIOA webinar series

Aligned by Design is a series of webinars that will explore how states can proactively use the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act planning process to align key human capital investments to produce better outcomes for individuals and local economies

DOL announces $34 million in innovation grants

This week, the Department of Labor announced $34 million in competitive grant funding available through the Workforce Innovation Fund, which supports innovative employment and training approaches.

NSC participates in SNAP E&T events

NSC discussed opportunities to build skills-focused SNAP E&T programs during two separate events hosted by the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) this month.

How Do You Help A Food Stamp Recipient Get A Job?

Cited in an article by Think Progress, NSC finds the broader E&T system “has been significantly underutilized by most states” despite stark evidence of the need to target workforce training to food stamps households.

Ten states receive SNAP E&T pilot grants

Today, the Secretaries of Agriculture and Labor announced $165 million in grants to 10 states as part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training (SNAP E&T) pilot program.

House, Senate pass budgets that would force deep cuts

This week the House and Senate each passed budget resolutions that would have deep consequences for NDD programs – including education and training programs – as well as mandatory programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

New report flags opportunity to act collectively on skills

A new report from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education highlights the opportunity created by three coinciding developments in the adult education and workforce fields.

113th Congress Comes to a Close

On December 16, the Senate adjourned for the year, marking the end of the 113th Congress. The past two years has been a period of major progress and sizable challenges for the workforce development field. Read NSC's write-up of the Congressional session.

Analysis: What the 2014 Elections Mean for Skills

Associate Director Rachel Unruh on how the recent election results are likely to impact workforce development at both the state and federal level.

Washington Update: the latest news in workforce development

NSC's Washington Updates offer the latest news on a range of federal policies that impact our nation’s efforts to develop a skilled workforce.

FNS Announces New SNAP E&T Pilot Grants

Last week, the Food and Nutrition Service released a Request for Applications for the new Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training pilot grants. Applications are due to FNS by November 24.

NSC Releases Analysis of White House Plan

NSC releases analysis of White House’s job-driven training action plan following Vice President Biden’s review of federal job-training programs.

NSC Hosts SNAP E&T Meeting

On July 16, NSC, the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Seattle Jobs Initiative hosted representatives from 11 states interested in developing, strengthening or expanding Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training programs.

An Untapped Resource: Understanding SNAP E&T

On July 8, NSC will host a webinar on the potential of SNAP E&T and how state and local communities can best capitalize on this largely untapped resource.

Ryan budget passes House.

The Ryan budget would sink investments in non-defense discretionary (NDD) programs to historic lows.

House budget cuts education & job training.

Paul Ryan released his FY 2015 budget resolution imposing new time limits and work requirements on recipients of federal means-tested benefits, while at the same time proposing billions of dollars in cuts to federal education and workforce programs.

Webinar: Federal workforce policy update.

NSC hosts federal workforce policy webinar update covering items on Congress's 2014 workforce agenda including the Farm Bill, WIA reauthorization, extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation, and other legislative issues.

Congress has lengthy year-end to-do list.

The House returned to DC this week to a crowded agenda that includes a number of high-priority legislative items that it must act on by the end of 2013.

Shutdown’s impact on workforce development.

Here’s what we know about the federal government shutdown…

What Bootstraps? Proposed food stamp cuts could leave job seekers with nowhere to turn

Federal Policy Director Rachel Gragg contributed to this piece in response to the House GOP's proposed elimination of state SNAP work requirement waivers as a part of SNAP funding cuts.

House passes SNAP bill cutting training.

House SNAP bill provides incentives to move people off SNAP by imposing TANF-like work requirements without new funding for job creation, work or workfare programs, or new employment or training programs.

House Bill Dismantles Job Training for SNAP Recipients

NSC press release on a House-passed bill that would cut Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) funding by at least $40 billion over ten years and impose significant new restrictions on SNAP Employment & Training.

SNAP bill cuts job training.

NSC urges House members to vote no on SNAP proposal offered by House leadership that will cut employment and job training funding for SNAP recipients if states don’t impose strict work requirements.

Senate Appropriations marks up Labor-H.

The Senate Committee on Appropriations approved by a vote of 16-14 the fiscal year (FY) 2014 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies appropriations bill.

Immigration reform must consider skills.

NSC released a new report with a proposed strategy to integrate investments in skills into comprehensive immigration reform.

Fiscal cliff agreement has been reached.

On December 31, Senate leaders and the White House arrived at an agreement to avert the fiscal cliff.

NSC opposes further cuts to NDD programs.

National Skills Coalition wrote to Members of the House of Representatives expressing strong opposition to H.R. 6684, the Spending Reduction Act of 2012, which would make additional deep cuts to NDD programs.

Senate agriculture committee approves farm bill.

The Senate Agriculture Committee voted 13-5 to pass a “Farm Bill” reauthorization that protects funding for the SNAP E&T program, avoiding efforts from fiscal conservatives to sharply reduce or even eliminate funding for this critical program.

Reconciliation bill threatens SNAP E&T.

The House Agriculture Committee approved a “reconciliation” bill that will eliminate nearly three-quarters of federal funding for the SNAP E&T program, reducing the availability of critical job training services for low‐skilled SNAP recipients.

House budget proposes workforce cuts.

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) introduced his FY 2013 budget resolution, which recommends imposing new time limits and work requirements on recipients of federal means-tested benefits, while cutting federal workforce development funding.