Realizing Innovation and Opportunity in WIOA: A Playbook for Creating Effective State Plans

This report provides recommendations on how states can use their WIOA state plan to establish strategies that close the skill gap and help workers and businesses succeed.

How Many More Skilled Workers Do We Need? Using Supply and Demand Reports for State Workforce Planning

This report, as a product of the State Workforce and Education Alignment Project (SWEAP), presents a way that states can identify and measure gaps in the number of newly trained workers with a focus on middle-skill jobs.

2014 State Workforce Policy Round Up

On June 5, the NSC State Policy Team hosted this webinar about new workforce policies enacted in 2014 legislative sessions in more than a dozen states!

Employing WRIS2: Sharing Wage Records Across States to Track Program Outcomes

Workforce Data Quality Campaign's report that describes the importance of sharing wage records across state lines using the Wage Record Interchange System (WRIS).

Credential Data Pioneers

Workforce Data Quality Campaign's report highlighting states and schools that have taken steps to broker data sharing agreements in order to better understand the attainment and value of selected non-degree credentials.

Measuring Supply, Demand and Gaps for Skilled Workers

Slides from a presentation at the State Advocates meeting at the 2014 Skills Summit focused on providing policy leaders with a tool to identify skill gaps.

Making Workforce Data Work

Workforce Data Quality Campaign overview of the diverse set of stakeholders that need quality workforce data, what data should be collected, and how to bring that data together so that data systems are inclusive, aligned and market-relevant.

Cross Agency Credential Measurement: A State Policy Proposal

Cross agency credential measurement is a state-led policy that establishes a framework for accountability by requiring the collection and alignment of annual outcome data across the full range of a state’s workforce and education programs.

Essential Elements for State Credential Measurement Policies

National Skills Coalition recommendations to states for regularly tracking the full range of credentials attained across all its education and workforce programs.

Driving Innovation from the Middle: Middle-Skill Jobs in the American South's Economy

Written for the Southern Governors' Association, this report examines the role of middle-skill jobs in the American South’s economy, assesses current and future skills gaps, and explores policy strategies to close those gaps.

Beyond Degrees: Lessons Learned from Skills2Compete-Maryland

This report explores how Maryland went beyond traditional data and policy approaches to build a more integrated, training-focused, labor-market driven and accountable workforce and education system.